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Our trenching and cable laying equipment

All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

Vermeer T555

The Vermeer T555 is an eighteen tonne machine designed for larger utility services.

It minimises turf damage and improves stability with self-leveling tracks that distribute weight evenly and can cope with almost any terrain.

Trenches dug by this machine are between 350mm and 800mm wide and up to 2.5 metres deep.
It has two types of chain, rock chain which is ideal for roadway and agricultural chain for soft surfaces.

This machine runs on a conveyor belt system in the middle of the machine which allows the spoil to either be put on the side of the trench or straight into the back of a lorry.
Vermeer T555
Vermeer T555

Vermeer T555 in action

trench trench trench

Vermeer RTX550

This small trencher has a seven tonne, quad tracked four wheel steer system, which allows us to get in and out of difficult spaces.

This trencher is ideal for water pipes (up to 100mm) and high and low voltage electricity cables.

Trenches can be dug up to 350 mm wide and 1.2 metres deep.

We can change the attachments on this trencher so mole ploughs and rock wheels can be fitted.

D24X40 series 11 navigator

The D24X40 series 11 navigator horizontal directional drill is used to drill in places where it is less than ideal to open cut, such as under roads, rivers, hedges and through woods.

It's use is particularly applicable to environmentally sensitive areas and traffic sensitive roads where there is no access to diggers.
This particular machine allows us to directionally drill up to 200 metres without having to come up to the surface and lay a 350 mm pipe.
D24X40 series 11 navigator
D24X40 series 11 navigator
D24X40-series-11-navigator D24X40-series-11-navigator D24X40-series-11-navigator


We have a wide selection of diggers ranging from 1.5 tonne to 8 tonnes.

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